Our Vision

Best seed, better agriculture

Kwonnong Seeds aims to make world better beyond the best agriculture through developing the best quality of seed.

We are breeding the best seeds

Kwonnong Seeds was founded in April 1999 August  under the value of “Fine seed are the source of life and the minimum foundation of agriculture”. The goal of Kwonnong Seeds is to produce seeds based on continuous research and to ensure consistent and stable releasing of the seed throughout the year, thereby increasing the income of the farmers of producers, and also providing excellent products to consumers' dining tables.

Kwonnong Seeds has been reformed to meet the diverse tastes of consumers and aspires to be a leading company in agricultural trends as an agriculture company since the company is established. In this, process Kwonnong Seeds won the award of the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and won Korea Good Varieties Competition, succeed exporting to Europe in 200August and registered the red cabbage patent in the world in 2014 for the first.


In order to develop a single breed, we had to fight with time fiercely over 5 to 10 years and then that much time needed to overcome errors and faults. In addition, we had to develop not only academic research but also consider characteristics, climate, consumer preferences and nutritional content of crops. Furthermore, we took into account the producers, the farmers, the distributors and consumers who are finally lay them on the table, to meet their needs.


Kwonnong Seeds has facilitated stable seeds releasing consistently throughout the year based on constant research, aimed to breeding seed to meet various of consumers preference. The company also focuses disease and insect pest to produce strong varieties through pathological verification in laboratory and in actual packaging. In the future, agriculture will be beyond mere crop yields and will be converted into eco to friendly.

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